Our Values

  1. Learning Authentically

    We believe in enabling our students to engage in meaningful discussions with their expert tutors to acquire true knowledge that has real-life relevance. For admission to schools and programs, IvySpace tutors help to demystify the application process and identify the pillars of strength that will authentically and impressively portray a candidate.

  2. Holistic Learning

    We strive to help students develop holistically through better self-awareness of their passions in order to optimize academic, extracurricular, and career pursuits. Our tutors help students build a long lasting foundation during their school years and beyond.

  3. Learn anytime, anywhere

    We enable international students to learn from the world's best peer tutors anytime, anywhere.

  4. Private and Trustworthy

    The private, personal, and trustworthy teaching by our aspirational tutors builds a lasting foundation during the student's school years and beyond.