Our services

  1. Messaging

    Students can browse and view hundreds of tutor profiles and message any tutor for help for free with admissions, English practice, homework help, culture or campus life.

  2. Video Classes

    For more in-depth discussions, students can have a low cost, 10-min or 20-min video chat with any tutor online or book a 1-hour session with a specific tutor.

  3. Tutoring

    For long-term, personalized sessions on admissions, English proficiency and academic tutoring, students can purchase a package of classes and work with a tutor they choose. Lessons are customized to individual needs and objectives.

  4. Courses

    We currently have three premium courses:

    IvyPrep, IvyAdmit and IvyLife: these courses are designed to help students develop the qualities sought by U.S. schools and universities; ideal for students interested in studying overseas and applying within the next one to six years and who seek to gain insights into what life is really like at top universities.