IvySpace Features

  1. You Choose Your Tutor

    Browse comprehensive tutor profiles and choose a tutor who fits your needs.

    Choose one or many based on their skills, background, and interests. Need help narrowing down the list? Take a free consultation and let us recommend a handpicked list of tutors for you -- you always have the freedom to switch.
  2. Completely Customized Classes

    Our class plans are professionally created, and we understand that every student is unique with individual challenges and goals.

    All classes are 1-on-1, which allows our tutors to take the course and completely customize it to help you achieve your goals. If you’d like a smart and fun homework buddy, choose an IvySpace tutor.
  3. Personal Goal Setting and Progress Reports

    Each course starts with a goal setting session so that your tutor can ensure that you will receive the type of support that you need.

    As your course proceeds, your tutor will provide regular progress reports to ensure you are hitting your individual targets, so that by the end of the course you will have successfully reached your goals!
  4. Learn Anytime, Anywhere

    IvySpace works on any computer, smartphone or tablet.

    Tutor and course selection, payment, booking, and classes can all be taken whenever and wherever you want. You have the power to schedule your own classes and manage your own schedule so classes take place when you want them to!
  5. One Click and You’re In

    Accessing IvySpace’s virtual classroom is as easy as clicking a button.

    15 minutes before your scheduled class, you’ll receive an email invitation with a link to your classroom. Just click and the video conferencing app will start. There’s no hassle of adding your tutors’s username or checking to see if he/she is online as you’ll be automatically paired up with the right person!
  6. Complete Security

    The safety and privacy of our students is our top priority.

    Any contact information and class content will always be kept completely private and secure.
  7. Interactive Virtual Classroom

    IvySpace classes are designed to be interactive so that students get an engaging, hands-on learning experience reflective of the American classroom.

    Our virtual classroom has a host of features including screen sharing, document sharing, chatting, and whiteboard presentations.
  8. Secure Payment & Satisfaction Guarantee

    All payments are made securely via Alipay or Credit Card.

    If you would prefer to utilize another payment such as local bank transfer, please contact us for further details. To ensure satisfaction, tutors do not receive payment until after each class is conducted. Should you be unsatisfied with your class experience, we guarantee that we will do what it takes to ensure you have a positive learning experience or your money back!