Common Issues Faced by International Students

  1. An inability to really communicate fluently in English despite their high standardized test scores

    Students were simply not receiving enough opportunities to practice and really utilize their English with native English speakers. Even those with foreign teachers in school or at learning centers did not receive sufficient personal attention, which led to numerous difficulties making friends and connecting with teachers once abroad. IvySpace pairs you up with a private, handpicked native English speaker who provides lessons in speaking, writing, listening, and reading comprehension. Learning is tailored to your level and can cover basic conversation up to academic and even professional English.
  2. A reliance on third-party service providers with limited experience

    We believe that it is always best to learn from the people who have “been there and done that.” Unfortunately, a lack of readily available information has forced many students and parents to rely solely on those who may not have the best insights and often make the goal of an education in America seem unattainable. IvySpace gives you direct access to those who can provide the most authentic, up-to-date advice and information and make the U.S. seem no further than a plane ride away.
  3. Lack of follow up

    Once you do get accepted to a school and arrive on campus, there are still many unfamiliar tasks to tackle – everything from laundry to course selections and housing. However, there are practically no consultants who continue to provide assistance once an admission offer has been received. IvySpace tutors are young, relatable and have recently gone through all that you are currently experiencing. Learn how to navigate student and campus life to best position yourself for success in university, graduate school, work and beyond.
  4. An unexpected cultural gap

    No matter how much you think you have been exposed to, students are often surprised by the cultural gap that they encounter once they step foot overseas. They often stumble, making social missteps as they try to capture the crucial first few months when all their peers are eager to make friends. Don’t waste time struggling to understand your Western peers’ interests and behavior. Your IvySpace tutor is here for you as a model mentor to whom you can unabashedly ask all your embarrassing questions so that you develop your own ‘intercultural fluency.’
  5. Academic difficulties

    It is no surprise that the teaching styles of American schools differ greatly from those in Asia. These difficulties are often compounded by the fact that students may not understand subject-specific vocabulary in English. Schools are often remotely located leaving students perplexed as to where they can seek extra help.

IvySpace tutors are specialists in their respective fields with many teaching and providing tutoring to their peers. Connect and get the support you need to improve your grades and performance!

IvySpace is always here for you, regardless of where you are as a student. We understand that each student is unique, and our tutors are here to help you overcome whatever challenges you may encounter. Working with our tutors, you will ignite your personal drive, pursue your passions, and reach for your dreams.