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Our tutors are students and graduates of top US and UK universities with impressive credentials

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IvySpace only selects the highest-performing tutors with the best academic and professional credentials to tutor with IvySpace.

Each tutor has gone through an intensive recruitment, vetting, interview, and training process before becoming an official part of the IvySpace Tutor Team.

In this process, IvySpace ensures that each tutor is a true expert in their field, with the relevant knowledge and experience to teach students, as well as the passion and kindness to be a positive and engaging force in our students’ lives.

Tutor Quality Control

  1. Interview Process

    During the interview process, IvySpace vets each tutor to ensure they have extensive experience in each course they teach. Tutors who engage in academic or standardized test tutoring must have studied the subjects and often have taught them in 1:1 tutoring or in a classroom setting.
  2. Professional Experience

    Many of the tutors who teach IvySpace’s English curriculum have taught English professionally around the world, all are fluent in English, and all are trained on IvySpace’s curriculum, teaching best practices, and assessment tools, ultimately passing IvySpace’s strict English teaching and practical examination.
  3. Admissions Experts

    Those who teach IvySpace’s admissions curriculum have all personally excelled in the admissions process, actively kept up with the latest admissions trends and adjustments, and have guided others through the application process even before joining IvySpace.
  4. Curriculum Library

    All tutors have access to IvySpace’s extensive curriculum library, as well as guidance and feedback from the IvySpace Academic Team.